Ryan Phillippe Has A Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

Ryan Phillippe

Word is the actor may have gotten his ex-girlfriend pregnant. Wonder what Amanda Seyfried thinks?

Here's another little nugget for you to mull over in the ever spinning world of baby momma/pappa news: claims by Ryan Phillippe's model/actress ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp that the hottie actor Ryan is the father of the bun in her oven (due in June), according to US Magazine.

Now, before you yawn at another new daddy/paternity story (and set aside the fact that this blogger wouldn't mind being his baby's momma), let's focus on the juicy side of this... Like the fact that the news that comes on the heels of Ryan finally letting the world in on the fact that he's dating Amanda Seyfried, something the pair was coy about for quite a while, dating back to when she was creepin' out of his place at all hours of the night... (Wonder how she's taking this news?) Are Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried Hooking Up?

Or the fact that his ex-wife, Reese Witherspoon is soon to be wed.

Yes, Ryan's been making headlines a LOT lately, but is it bothering him? Well, we'd think so, but if it's his child, it's believed that he's prepared to contribute if the child is his, according to the Ministry of Gossip.

In any case, Ryan is certainly not letting the world see him sweat. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night, US Magazine dishes on how Ryan went on to talk about his two current kids with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, sharing thoughts on eleven year old Ava's musical tastes (not a Justin Bieber fan) and photos of seven-year-old Deacon with his new dog and a fat lip.

Seemingly cool, that Ryan. Although, who knows what the deal is. Guess we'll have to wait with the rest of the world for the confirmation that this is indeed his kid... And if Amanda is OK with Ryan's growing family!

Photo Credit: INF