Bachelor Brad Puts A Ring On It, Says Goodbye To Chantal O'Brien

Brad Womack waits to propose on The Bachelor.
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Brad proposes to Emily Maynard, gives Chantal O'Brien a form-letter kiss-off.

OMG! Can you believe it's over!? It seems like just yesterday that 25 scantily clad ladies strutted out of a limo and into Brad Womack's life.

After all this time, Brad finally whittled it down to two: Chantal O'Brien and Emily Maynard—two ladies about as opposite as they come. Chantal is brunette, buxom and bubbly. Emily is blonde, underfed and reserved. Both are sweet girls, and I'm guessing people are split down the middle on who should get the ring. It's not like in Jake's season when it was clear he should have chosen Tenley but went with Vienna instead (and we all know how well that worked out).

The episode starts with Brad reuniting with his family. We meet Brad's mom, his even hotter twin brother, his younger bro and their respective wives. After Brad got done crying—he was REALLY happy to see them—Chantal came over to meet the fam. They loved her, of course. Chantal is super friendly, animated and highly confident in her love for Brad.

The next day, Emily stops by. Everyone loves her, too. Especially when they find out that she has a daughter and hear the very sad story of her past.

Good thing he has one more date with each gal.

The next day, Brad meets up with Chantal and they spend a quiet afternoon swimming with sharks, sipping champagne and cuddling. Chantal even made him a map documenting their romance. Totally sweet. Then Chantal gives him a letter gushing about her feelings. At this point, I think I fell in love with Chantal. What a catch!

The day after that, Brad meets Emily for one last helicopter ride. They land at the Cape of Good Hope and take in the scenery and cuddle, of course. Emily keeps reminding Brad that if he chooses her, a kid comes with it. Brad looks pensive and then the music swells. Uh oh!

That night, Brad has a tete-a-tete with Emily. They hunker down and Brad stumbles through a prepared speech where he tells her that yes, he is ready to be a daddy. And basically tells the viewers at home that he's picking Emily. Then Emily starts grilling Brad about things like, "What if she pukes on you while you're watching football?" Brad still says he's game. But Emily keeps pushing him and warns him again, that he might not know what he's getting into. Brad starts getting even more flustered. Maternal Me Vs. Sexual Sue: Dating As A Single Mom

The next day, we see the trio wake up and get ready. After about ten minutes of voiceovers talking about how awesome they all are, we finally get down to business.

A jeweler visits Brad in his hotel room, and Brad picks out the rock. Brad keeps gushing about how in love he is. But with WHO!?

The trio gets together and Brad takes his place in the final rose ceremony pedestal. A limo pulls up and... Chantal gets out.

Welp, she's out. The first girl out of the limo always gets sent home. Bummer. She's a cutie. Brad stumbles through a barrage of compliments before telling his brunette beauty that she ain't the one. Chantal is crushed. Brad just keeps talking about how awesome she was and how much he was into her... but not enough to propose. It's almost as if he were getting a speech fed to him from an earpiece.

So Brad shoves Chantal into a limo and closes that chapter. We feel bad until after the commercial break when Emily bursts out of the limo looking radiant in white, like a Greek goddess.

Brad looks like a kid on Christmas morning. He starts stumbling per usual and finally utters the words every woman wants to hear: "Do you accept this rose?"

And she says YES! Awww. How sweet!!

Emily is very subdued, but you can tell she's happy. I still think Chantal was a better fit, but that's just my opinion. Chantal's only fault was that she made herself too available. She could learn a thing or two from Emily.

On the After The Rose Ceremony special, immediately following the final rose ceremony, we meet back with Chantal and see what she's been up to: looking hot, dating a new guy and being rich.

Brad and Emily are then reunited. And it's not all roses in the Womack clan. They awkwardly talk about how things have been pretty bumpy. They're still engaged, but things have slowed down dramatically. Emily isn't even wearing a ring. She says that she's not planning on moving to Austin anytime in the near future, which is where her fiance is. And they fight. A lot. Ouch. Even the crowd gasped. But c'mon, Emily is just sooo pretty it doesn't matter. Everyone still loves her. Beat The Engagement Blues!

All in all, Brad and Emily seem like they are in love. But who knows if it'll last.