Best Of The Web: Birth Order & Body Language

body language

Plus forgetting the condom, social-climbing and men's rights.

One thing dudes into the men's rights are particularly resentful of gold diggers… so Bad Online Dates wants to know if general social climbing is a turn-off in a date. If she wants you money: yes. If she wants her own: yes. I kid.

And from social climbers to trophy girlfriends. College Candy has a reader who wants to know if she is a trophy girlfriend. I don't know why the word "trophy" has such a crummy connotation.

Maybe we could get rid of that phrase. The Frisky has 12 other dating phrases which they'd like to retire. Can we please add, "Size isn't THAT important" to the list?

Speaking of tired schemes, another angry wife got revenge on her guy's mistress. Per Jezebel, this lady cut the crotches from the pants of the other woman. Be careful, ladies, Regina George turned something like this into a fashion statement.

While we're talking about comedies, the crew at Nerve has an edition of This Week In Sex dedicated to some funny business. Big love to Kristen Schaal.

And Single Edition checks in with some other kind of celebrities for great date night cooking tips. If using Sherry to cook, never go one for me and one for them. You may end up face first in your soufflé.

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