Best Of The Web: Birth Order & Body Language

body language

Plus forgetting the condom, social-climbing and men's rights.

And here comes the Ides of March. Please enjoy the weekend and be very wary of next Tuesday.

Are you a typical first-child? If so, Glo says you could have some very specific compatibility depending on your significant others. I would imagine two youngest dating each other would be pretty fun… while it lasted.

No matter your birth order you probably have issues keeping things spicy after a while. Huffington Post's Amy Chan has five tips on how to keep things exciting and none of them include leaving scorpions in his sock drawer.

Sometimes things like condoms are the opposite of exciting and Em & Lo ( have a little advice on what to do when someone(s) "accidentally" forget to use prophylactics. Pray?

Speaking of not having condoms, Impersonals has 10 things guys shouldn't say after receiving oral. Unless you have an arrangement, I'd advise against quoting Borat.

Instead of saying anything to him, you could just use a little body language. Modern Man has a great post on what your body language says to a guy. Arms folded across the chest with eyebrows furrowed, rarely a good sign.

And more from the men, Good Men Project explores men's rights activism. Very interesting stuff.

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