Millennials Would Rather Be Moms And Dads Than Spouses, Says Study

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Millennials Would Rather Be Moms And Dads Than Spouses

The kids of the Millennial Generation are far more keen on the titles of Mom and Dad than Husband and Wife.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 52 percent of Millennials cited being a good parent as "one of the most important things in life." Only 30 percent thought the same about having a successful marriage — a glaring 22 percent gap among the 18 to 29-year-olds.

Back in 1997 when the same age group, Generation X, was broached on these subjects, 42 percent placed a high value on parenthood and 35 percent said marriage was important. So, as time has gone on, young adults are putting more emphasis on raising a family, but not necessarily on tying the knot.

According to this recent research, Millennials are less likely than adults over 30 to think children can't grow up happily in a one-parent household, or that single parenthood is a bad idea.

These statistics definitely echo society's changed behavioral patterns, especially in regards to marriage. Only 22 percent of Millennials are currently hitched. Roughly 30 percent of Generation X members had tied the knot at the same point in their lives, and nearly four in ten Baby Boomers had heard wedding bells between ages 18 and 29.

There's just not the same rush to get to the altar these days. But don't get the wrong idea about this generation.

Even if marriage isn't of the utmost importance in the perspective of their current life stage, most would still ideally like to have it all. Of non-married Millennials with no children, 70 percent said they would love to find wedded bliss, and nearly three-quarters of them want kids some day.

As it turns out, they're romantics after all, or at least quasi-romantics.

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