Links We Love: Newt Gingrich Talks Marriage

Newt Gingrich

Plus, Facebook doesn't ruin your marriage and Millennials want to be parents, but not married.

This week, in order to distract us from high gas prices and impending revolution in the Middle East and Wisconsin, we learned a lot about Facebook and your marriage from The Social Media Couple. Also, how does Newt Gingrich explain his marriage and infidelity. In fact, how does anyone explain infidelity? Good luck with that one, Newt. Finally, what do you think about pre-marital counseling? Let us know by taking our survey. Survey: What Do You Think About Premarital Counseling?

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This week, we learned a lot from The Social Media Couple. First, there are some major do's and don'ts when it comes to being engaged and being on Facebook. [The Social Media Couple]

This week on Traditional Love we talked about how to handle Facebook in your marriage. Why? Because one in five divorces is linked to Facebook. Or is it? That busy Social Media couple says the reports are wrong. Facebook isn't the problem. I'm sure the Zuck is breathing a huge sigh of relief. [Techlationships]

Over on the Christian Broadcasting Network, Newt Gingrich tries to explain away his infidelity. How does he do it? By calling his indescretions, "Things that happened that were not appropriate." Sounds like dodging the issue to me. [Wall Street Journal]

And we've talked about Spousonomics before, but we think it bears repeating a capitalist approach to marriage is better than a socialist. Or that's what the Republicans want you to believe. [ABC News]

And it turns out Millennials are less interested in spousonomics and more interested in parentonomics. Okay, just being parents. This interesting study sheds some light on the youngsters. [CNN]

So, do you think Millennial would be more interested in maternity leave and MAN-ternity leave? [The Stir]

This week on NPR, Terry Gross (who was mean to me once), talked to Pastor Jennifer Wright Knust who argues that if we all took the Bible literally our relationships would look very different. [NPR]

Moving on from the polygamy of Abraham to the monogamy of the modern woman. Does monogamy make women happy? Slate is on the case. [Slate]

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