Love Bytes: The Best And Worst Professions To Marry


12 dating phrases we're just not that into and Facebook's role in the nation's divorce rate.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

Hopeless romantic? Wish your guy were as well? Here's how to bring the sensitive lover out of your man. [Em and Lo]

A new statistic states that 20 percent of last year's divorces were caused, in part, by Facebook. Could the social networking site really be that detrimental to your relationship? [Nerve]

Old T-shirts, friends, virginity: behold, the best things we've stolen from our exes. [The Gloss]

Opposites attract, eh? Not according to this website: it promises to track down a mate that looks like you. [TresSugar]

Is bad sex a deal breaker or just a phase of a relationship? Find out if you're in a rut or simply sexually incompatible. [College Candy]

This writer attempts to define to men what constitutes cheating and what does not. Do you agree with him? [AskMen]

Always wanted to land a doctor or a lawyer? Maybe you should reconsider. Here, the best and worst professions to marry. [The Stir]

Get lonely when he's out of town? Here are 5 tips for managing that feeling when he's away. [Huffington Post Living]

You're a hopeful, positive, optimistic woman on the lookout for love. With this being the case, why would it be enjoyable to watch loathsome people find their match? [Double X]

Finally, 12 dating phrases we're just not that into anymore. [The Frisky]


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