Baby Bytes: "Lent? I Make Sacrifices Year Round!"

baby on laptop

Ways to recover time lost by Daylight Savings Time, as well as time lost being unhappy.

Here at LoveMom, we bring you the love. Our weekly Baby Bytes bring you everything else. Here are this week's 7 must-click mom links:

Be honest, moms: are you happy? Time to rediscover the joy in your life. [TodayMoms]

Would you leave your children to start a career? Sounds crazy but, as it turns out, some women would. [Momlogic]

Why give up anything for Lent when you give up everything for your kids all year long? [Shine]

"I don't want to be that mom." Why some women downplay the joys of motherhood. [Babble]

Friday marks the start of the National Day of Unplugging. How will shutting down your devices help you as a mother and a spouse? [Motherlode]

Are you one of the jerks who won't give up her seat to a pregnant woman on the subway? Little did you know, this woman was keeping track of it. [The Frisky]

As if you get any sleep as it is! Ways for busy moms to recover that stolen hour from Daylight Savings Time. [Huffington Post Living]