Mike Myers' Secret Wedding

Mike Myers

Mike Myers steals away for a secret wedding with long-time love Kelly Tisdale. Oh, behave!

Five months after the fact, Mike Myers has come clean about his marriage to Kelly Tisdale. According to Page Six, the two privately wed in New York City in what his rep calls a "beautiful ceremony" surrounded by family and friends—without all the fanfare and hoopla that typically accompanies celebrity nuptials. (Refreshing!) A-List Links: Kate Moss' Secret Wedding

Of course, it's not the first time these two have kept their relationship status on the DL. Tisdale and Myers first started quietly dating in 2006, not too long after Myers' 12-year marriage to comedienne Robin Ruzan dissolved. It wasn't until the two were snapped vacationing in Hawaii together that Tisdale finally confirmed the relationship to the National Enquirer.

"We're actually surprised you guys didn't find out about us sooner," confessed Tisdale, who was once singer Moby's main squeeze. (The two founded the vegetarian café Teany together in the 90s.)

Well, now that the whole world has found out about their marriage, we say "Mazel Tov!" Hope the honeymoon was totally shagadelic.