Links We Love: Rehearsing Your Divorce

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Rehearsing your divorce, the hell of marriage, the friendship trap and more.

In every marriage, divorce is contemplated at least once. Although, I suspect, in the best marriages it's considered three times a week. For one bickering couple, divorce was not only contemplated, but they tried it out in a dress rehearsal of sorts and what they found out was they liked marriage better. That's what we are talking about this week, rehearsing divorce, giving it up for Lent and whether marriage is a hellish trap designed to enslave gifted woman. *Cue evil laugh*

What were your favorite topics of discussion this week?

Are you a martyr for your marriage? That's probably not a good idea. There is a reason most saints are single. [The Jumbling Towers

The ladies of the IKDH blog take on pseudo dating, that awkward land of "are we together?" [I Kissed Dating Hello]

Give it up for Lent. And by "it" we mean, expensive dates and TV. *Big sigh of relief* [Love and WeddingsLow-Cost, Last-Minute Mardi Gras

Does marriage hurt gifted women? [The Globe and Mail]

It's March! Time to think of your garden and tend your marriage. [Philly.comThe 50 Best Marriage Tips Of All Time (From 50 Marriage Experts)

Turning a blind eye to your spouses foibles, might be a good idea. Of course, then you'll always be confused about who uncapped the toothpaste. [WebMDFighting Over The Little Things

Divorce isn't the end, in fact it can help a couple grow closer. Take it from NPR, they know stuff. [NPR]

And speaking of divorce, one unhappy couple rehearsed a divorce and it saved their marriage. Can I rehearse having a sister wife? [CNN]