Paula Abdul Dials 911 During Fight In Boyfriend's Car

Paula Abdul on the red carpet.
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Paula Abdul calls the police on Valentine's Day during a heated argument with her boyfriend.

Paula Abdul and her beau weren't exactly feeling the love on Valentine's Day.

According to TMZ, the former American Idol judge placed a hysterical call to 911, sobbing and telling the operator that her boyfriend wouldn't let her out of his car. They got into quite the blow-up.

"I want to go, and he won't let me!" Paula screamed. While the operator tried to figure out where she was, Paula addressed her boyfriend: "Are you going to drop me off 'cause I have emergency on the phone."

After another brief pause, she told the woman on the line: "He's dropping me off."

The songstress and her beau were driving through Santa Barbara at 4:35 in the afternoon when the call was made. The crazy incident seemed super-heated, but cooled down awfully fast. Listen to the audio tape of Paula's phone call on TMZ to see what we're talking about.

After an hour, the cops contacted Abdul to find out what went down. Paula said it was simply a verbal disagreement and was never physical. When officers found the TV-star at her house later that evening, she was fine and didn't want to make her personal fight a public legal situation. She did not file a police report.

A spokesperson for Paula had this to say about her less-than-lovely February 14: "Arguments with loved ones are often times heated. After the call was made everything was worked out." Extremely vague, right?

Paula and her camp seemed to simply gloss over the dispute, but what we find most odd is Paula's tweet the next day. When someone, presumably a fan, asked Paula how her Valentine's Day was, she said: "It was AWESOME!"

Really? Well, we guess we'll have to take her word for it.

Photo Source: INF