Love Bytes: Is It Your Fault You're Not Married?


Why men date dumb women, friendship with an ex, and an unexpected way to catch a new guy's eye.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

They'll be married in perhaps the most publicized wedding in history: do William and Kate really need a wedding website? [Double X]

Think guys will always go after the hottest girl in the room? Think again. [The Frisky]

Ever been asked "how the hell did he land you?" Start working harder: studies show that relationships where the female is more attractive have a decreased chance of success. [TresSugar]

This month, an article was posted on Huffington Post declaring to single women that "it's your fault you're not married." Here's what one woman has to say about that notion. [Huffington Post Living]

Does it still seem like men are intimidated by your intelligence? Here, men explain why they prefer to date dumb women. [The Gloss]

We're all about new ways to catch a guy's attention, and this one takes (literally) no effort. [Marie Claire]

This year, it was revealed that 30% of people under 24 have never had sex, the highest virginity rate in decades. What could be responsible for this change? [Nerve]

Being friends with an ex can be difficult (or, ahem, impossible). Here's the lowdown on when it's okay to maintain a friendship, and when you just need to let it go. [Betty Confidential]

Hopeless romantics, this one's for you: this piece explores what the term "soul mate" means in today's day and age, and how there is more than one out there for you. [Divine Caroline]

Shy readers, beware: here are 10 tips for the spiciest, sexiest oral sex you've ever had. [Glamour]