5 Celebs Pairs Who Should Collaborate On A Sex Book


Are James Franco and Lindsay Lohan making a sex book? If not, here are 5 celeb pairs that should.

In 1992, Madonna raised eyebrows when she released her graphic book Sex in conjunction with her seventh studio album, Erotica. The coffee-table tome included softcore pornographic photos of the recording artist with celebrity cameos from Vanilla Ice, Naomi Campbell and more. Now, according to Perez Hilton, two young Hollywood stars are looking to publish the same kind of book: Lindsay Lohan and James Franco. James Franco Made A Teenage Sex Tape

Perez reports that the two have signed on to do the sexy shoot with notorious photographer Terry Richardson who, among other things, recently shot Lady Gaga's nude Supreme ads. A source told Hilton that Lohan and Franco's book will be "graphic and suggestive" but that "James and Lindsay believe [their book] will be classier" than Madonna's.

TMZ, however, has reported that Lohan denies any involvement with the book and in the chance that this is just a rumor, we held an office poll to come up with the celebrities we'd like to see collaborate for a sexy shoot instead.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem: These two sizzled at the Oscars this yea, and we have no doubt they'd sizzle together in a graphic book. Married couples tend to be sexually comfortable with each other, and when you're comfortable with your partner you can do and try just about anything Why Married Sex Is The Best

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Hollywood's power couple: Brangelina. When Angelina was pregnant with twins Vivienne and Knox, she told Entertainment Weekly that her round and full figure was great for her and Brad's sex life. It made the two of them more creative, and now that she's not pregnant, we wouldn't mind a peek at that creativity. If it's anything like what we saw in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, we're sure we won't be disappointed. 13 Kinds Of Sex Every Couple Needs

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