Katy Perry And Russell Brand On The Rocks?

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

A nine-month concert tour may end up in this couple going separate ways for good.

Even though these two were all smiles and shows of affection at the Grammys, it seems there may still be trouble in paradise. Star is reporting that Katy Perry is afraid her current 9-month world concert tour may drive a permanent wedge between her and her reportedly restless husband, Russell Brand. The main concern? That when the cat is away (or in this case, Kitty Purry), the mouse (or in this case, reformed sex addict) will play.

“She’s especially afraid he’ll fall back into his bad old habits,” a source tells Star (via Celebitchy) of his past issues with substance abuse and sex addiction. “But she believes that if they make it through her tour, they’ll last through anything.”

It may be a rocky road for this rock star and her movie star man, though. The Star article claims that Russell and Katy had a heated phone conversation where he "shouted at her" during his Saturday Night Live stint the night before the Grammys. Also raising eyebrows is the fact that Katy reportedly sought marriage counseling recently, even though the two have been betrothed for just three months. Katy Perry And Russell Brand's Honeymoon Disaster

“Russell has been wondering if he can be with one woman for the rest of his life," the source added to Star. Married Life Hasn't Brought Russell Brand Happiness

So it remains to be seen whether the temporary distance between the two will be a case of "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" or "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder." Either way, we hope Katy won't be stuck singing the blues once her tour concludes.