Best Of The Web: Blind Dates & Going Braless

blind date

Plus Hall Pass, dumb dates and sex myths.

Another turnoff… when your date thinks you're a dummy. My pal Simone Grant has a tale of a date that was so dumb that he didn't recognize that she was smart. I always request that we bring our SAT scores and compare.

Over at Glo, the Globots have a gallery debunking various sex myths. No word yet on the hairy palms.

The Frisky has 15 MORE benefits of sex. One of those benefits is not that you look much cooler if someone walks in on you than you would alone.

Lots of dudes aren't interested in the number of benefits of sex and only in the number of sex partners their partner has had. Good Men Project has it on good authority that a gal's number doesn't really matter.

Lisa Firestone, writing for the Huffington Post, breaks down why we always wind up in the same relationships. Hmmm. Like government, do we just get the relationships we deserve?

And, the capper, Very Smart Brothas has another 10 reasons why you're not married. Number 11: your bacne doubles as a brail version of the bible.

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