Links We Love: No Job? No Marriage

Five year old

This week we're taking a 5-year-old's advice to heart also long distance and forgotten love.

Every week, Traditional Love rounds up the best of the web on marriage, love and everything that falls inbetween. This week, a charming 5-year-old girl gave us her take on when she's willing to get married and while, I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule, wiser words have never been spoken. And if that's the only take away you have from this post, then really our job here is done. We're also talking Facebook, long distance and the government. Can you think of any better way to spend your Friday?

First off, a five-year-old shares her wisdom.

But what if you got a job and got married and your marriage goes long distance? What then, 5 year old? Nothing? I thought so. Instead, let's turn to the Washington Post. [WaPo]

With all this talk of marriage and government, one columnist wonders why the government needs to even be involved in your marriage? [SF Gate]

What should you do if your long, lost lover wants to add you as a friend on Facebook? Is it worth the risk? [Family Goes Strong]

Over on Project M, Kathleen is wondering if her awesome husband will be an equally awesome father? [Project M]

If you think your marriage is lacking something, you may be right. There is one thing both men and women always want more of in a relationship and no it's not candy. Although, I think candy could help. [Life Gems]

And finally, NPR takes on the tough issue of single mothers. What do you think? Are moms without dads bad for America? [NPR]

What were your favorite stories this week?