Chris Brown Restraining Order Downgraded

Chris Brown

Looks like the pop singers can speak to each other again. But do they want to?

It seems that a year is enough time for Rihanna to have a change of heart and go easy on her ex. Or, at least that's what we gather when we learned that she gave Superior Court Judge the heads up that it was ok to downgrade the restraining order looming over pop sensation Chris Brown's head.

According to the report from Page Six, the judge wouldn't have considered it if it weren't for Rihanna's OK on the matter and until Chris considered counseling. But, she did give Chris credit on physical labor requirements and even said he didn't have to attend court for his June 22 progress report.

All this now means that the two can talk to each other again. But, if he harasses, threatens or assaults her then he violates his probation. And the best part for Chris is that as long as he doesn't rock the boat, it can stay this way until August 2014, when his probation period is over.

Sounds like this should be a good time for Chris right? Between that and some hot new songs out, he should be able to move past this. But... Not so much. This morning, decided we weren't done yet and wanted to remind the world of all the drama. So they posted some "uncensored" images of Rihanna online... Taking us all down that path again. Chris Brown Charged With Two Felonies

Photos aside, what does this mean for the pair? Will we spot them making nice soon? Well... We're doubtful about that. But, we WILL say that we're hoping they can each move on and get through the rest of his probation period without one swing or outburst, which will make this -- and those dreaded photos -- just a simple memory...

Photo Credit: Splash News