Baby Bytes: Single Mom or Supermom?

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Maternity leave standards, high-risk mom jobs and how to humiliate your child into straight As.

Here at LoveMom, we bring you the love. Our weekly Baby Bytes bring you everything else. Here are this week's 7 must-click mom links:

Would you embarrass your child into doing well in school? If your answer is "yes," this mom will show you how.  [Momlogic]

Should you give up a risky job in the name of family? Is giving up a high-risk career a different story than giving up a high-risk lifestyle? [Motherlode]

Start establishing a loving household now to prepare your kids for healthy relationships later in life. Studies show that children who have poor relationships with their parents have difficulty in their romantic relationships later on. [The Stir]

Did you put your passion on the backburner in order to be a better mom? Here, seven women tell what they gave up for motherhood. [Babble]

You've made calculated changes in order to be a better parent: but in what unexpected ways has parenting changed you? [San Francisco Chronicle]

The United States have some of the strictest maternity leave policies in the world. Was your parental leave long enough for you? [TODAYMoms]

Single mom or Supermom? Here are seven tips to balance your life when you really are doing it all. [Divine Caroline]