Guys: Would You Wear Your Ex's Jeans?

skinny jeans

Levi's has a thing called ex-girlfriend jeans.

You ever see product/marketing ideas that are so bad they have to be PR stunts? Like Ashley Madison trying to get a Super Bowl commercial, naming a movie Snakes On A Plane, or putting a bathrobe on backwards and calling it a Snuggie? It looks like America's favorite blue jeans manufacturer is getting in on the act.

Per Yahoo!, Levi's is slinging a thing called ex-girlfriend jeans... in the men's section. The idea of boyfriend jeans (and ex-boyfriend jeans) has been around for a while. It's pretty normal for a lady to borrow a pair of boxers or a comfortable sweatshirt from her man. And, somewhere along the way, clothiers decided to take advantage of this and market man-cut jeans to women.

As I understand it, boyfriend jeans are a touch baggier than women's jeans, and signify that a woman is taken and planning on letting herself go. Ex-boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, are even baggier, and signify that a woman doesn't have any girlfriends.

By some transitive, I'll assume that ex-boyfriend jeans are tighter (a skinny jean) and signify that a guy is getting in great shape OR is becoming a hipster.

Here's the real rhubarb, is a guy really going to wear a pant called the "ex-girlfriend jean"? Unless it's done in the privacy of the home, society largely frowns on men wearing lady's clothes. Maybe it's because lady's clothes are supposed to be cute whereas guy's clothes are utilitarian. Or maybe it's because men are typically  bigger than women and, if a guy wears women's pants, we'll know both how much change is in his pocket and whether or not he's circumcised.

Maybe it's because I'm either much taller or much heavier than everyone I've ever dated, but I don't think this non-trend of wearing girlfriend or ex-girlfriend clothing works. I just don't think we're ready for guys to wear chicks' clothes... unless it's for humor or kinky sex. 11 Things People Do During Sex That Are Not Normal By ANY MEANS