Would You Date That Jeopardy Computer?

woman looking at computer

Is Watson the computer the perfect man?

We are perilously close to the prophesy of The Terminator coming true. The steam hammer drove John Henry into an early grave, Deep Blue bested chess whiz Garry Kasparov and now IBM's Watson has taken American heroes Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. It's only a matter of time before the computers and their robotic progeny overtake us as the dominant species of the planet on account of their emotionless logic and their powerful metal claws. But should we make a lasting peace with the machines, it would behoove some of us to start dating them. Hopeful Scientist: Sex With Robots Likely In The Future

Despite ruining America's best Canadian-helmed game show, The Awl thinks that Watson is a good thing (jeez, is that species-ist of me?) because computers will free us up to do the fun stuff. I just hope they don't start dating our prettiest women because I'm not sure there are lady computers for us to reciprocate. If we do start dating and marrying computers and their robotic avatars (as IO9.com says a few Iowans believe), will Watson be the first celebrity computer to make a go of it?


  • He's probably rich or could create an algorithm for investing money.
  • He's very smart. OK, he may not be "smart," but he's very knowledgeable and that's what turns us all on about Ken Jennings.
  • As far as computers go, he's good-looking but not so good-looking that women will always be hitting on him.
  • He never forgets an anniversary.
  • He rarely drinks too much.


  • He's always right. Good luck arguing with a computer.
  • Game night with other couples will be pretty anti-climactic.
  • His idea of a fun night is streaming The Wire and then performing a million calculations per second until you fall asleep.
  • Good luck getting him to take a vacation or try new food.
  • His sense of humor makes R2D2 look like Dane Cook.

You'd think that sex would be on the con list, but modern dildonics makes that a push at worst.

What say you? Would you date Watson? Do you think Lady Gaga is more his type?