How YourTango Helped Readers Get Over Their Exes

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YourTango's Break Up With Your Ex Day helped readers get over past relationships and move on.

On February 13, 2011, YourTango celebrated the very first annual Break Up With Your Ex Day, a day on which we urged people to let go of painful memories, insidious social media connections and dead-weight relationship baggage in an attempt to move on in both love and life. In the days leading up to February 13, we provided a number of Facebook tools for cutting that ex loose in the form of Facebook gifts, polls and even a Relationship Alert Generator. We asked people about their exes on our Facebook page and in our Twitter feed. We created a boatload of invaluable content on how best to break up with your ex, and even debuted a related web series featuring the incredibly wise Dr. Diana Kirschner.

We asked you to unfollow, untag, delete, block and erase that pesky ex, and we even wrapped things up with a speed dating event that allowed attendees to forget about their exes and find new love (or at least a quick, satisfyingly distracting makeout session).

How did YourTango readers do?

On our Facebook page, YourTango fan Meagan Mader announced that, "Yes I did [break up with my ex on Facebook] and I'm happy I did. I went on my first date this weekend since we broke up, and I think it's because I defriended him and told him I can't talk to him on the phone anymore for a while... gave me closure."

Gao Lucy Yang did the same. "I did as well. after a month of trying to get over it i finally had the guts to delete everything that reminded me of him even his friends. time to start fresh and looking good for myself. hahahahahaha >:)"

Says Chivi Ibarra: "I did it and he felt soo angry with me about that... he goes to twitter to write that I am a crazy woman but no... I don't think so. I would be a crazy woman only if I don't delete that loser from my life!! 8 months had past. Now, I am free to recieve a new love. =)" [Editor's note: Love this! You go girl!]