When Getting Dumped Is A Cause For Gratitude

Woman holding a thank-you sign
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The seven lessons one woman is thankful to have learned from her breakups.

Breakups suck. But after a little time has passed, you may find yourself feeling relieved, reflective and actually—dare we say—thankful that you and your former dude are no longer together. Breakups and how they're done can teach us lots of valuable lessons about who we are and what we want. They can also be maddening, depressing and straight up rude. Still, all in all, practically every breakup has made me thankful, too—either that I'm no longer with that person or that I've learned something valuable about them. After the jump, some of the breakups I'm most thankful for. The Frisky: 11 Things Not To Say To A Woman Who Has Just Been Dumped

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1. To the guy who broke up with me because my apartment was messy: Thank you for exposing your particular brand of OCD crazy to me early on. Thank you, also, for repeatedly asking me out after doing so, so I could repeatedly turn you down by telling you, "No thanks, I'm cleaning."

2. To the man I dated, and broke up with, but then decided to take out to dinner for his birthday anyway: Thank you for teaching me that yes, you can take your ex to dinner for their birthday, but they are going to order the most expensive thing on the menu if you do.

3. To the guy who broke up with me over IM, while we were both at work: Thank you for reminding me that just because you have grown taller/hairier/fatter than you were as a teenager, you MIGHT ACTUALLY mentally still be a 14-year-old boy.

4. To the guy who dumped me two days after I lost my virginity to him, citing a "lack of spark" between us: Thank you for helping me develop a healthy wariness about guys who say all the right things too soon. If it appears too good to be true, it probably is. Also, thanks for getting scabies six months after I lost my virginity to you; it seemed like some really awesome karmic retribution from the universe. The Frisky: A Study Shows That A Breakup Feels Like Cocaine Withdrawal