Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Reach A Custody Compromise

Halle Berry with her daughter, Nahla.
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The actress and her model ex have finally come to an agreement about their daughter, Nahla—for now.

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry's custody battle over their daughter, Nahla, has been heated for quite awhile, and it didn't seem like either was planning to concede any time soon. Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Fight For Custody

"Halle has serious concerns for her daughter's well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time," her rep said, according to the New York Daily News. "[She] is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her."

But apparently Halle is willing to compromise, because the former flames have finally agreed to bury the hatchet—at least for now. Interestingly, their new agreement means they could be seeing a lot of each other.

According to Hollybaby.com, a judge is granting Berry permission to take their daughter to NYC to film New Year's Eve, a movie she dropped out of in January because of the pending paternity battle. Her original part now belongs to Katherine Heigl, but she will be traveling to the Big Apple soon to take on a new role in the film.

This may look like a victory for Halle on the surface, but not so fast, friends! Oh, she's headed to New York, all right. But Gabriel is coming with. On his own tab. To spend as much time with Nahla as he is allowed. Potentially awkward? For sure. But they're apparently going to work it out for the sake of their daughter. Halle Berry: The Ex From Hell?

Since the two have flown the white flag of truce, the court has decided to dismiss Aubry's initial petition for child custody and support. But this fight is far from finished, because Aubry has now filed to legally establish his paternity of Nahla and get his name inked on her birth certificate.

If he succeeds there, then he will have seemingly cemented his status in Nahla's life. Will the two be able to play nice for good?

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