Links We Love: Bieber Vows To Remain Abstinent

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This week we round up our favorite stories and links on love, marriage and Bieber.

This week was Valentine's week, and while we know you are so over it (so are we), the emphasis on love lingers and some of our favorite posts this week were Valentine's day posts. Although, we promise, there will be no mention of lingerie, chocolate or flowers, nor anything too adorable...well, besides Justin Bieber. Don't you just want to pinch his little cheeks? Justin Bieber & 10 Celebs It's NOT OK To Crush On

This Valentine's Day one of my favorite bloggers wrote a post about how sometimes a marriage is at it's best when the darkest things are revealed. [The Extrordinary Ordinary]

Now, onto The Bieber.  In the most recent edition of Rolling Stone, the Biebs vowed to remain abstinent until marriage. And not to be cynical, but didn't Briteney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore all make that same pledge? Famous last words, Biebs. []

Turns out 61 percent of teens actually want to remain virgins until they get married, which is really shocking considering how many teens want to have sex with Robert Pattinson right this instant. I guess a quickie wedding is also a part of that fantasy too? [Kansas City StarWe Waited For Marriage

Moving on from teenage dreams to marriage, CNN has a touching story of a couple who traveled to Paris to save their marriage. I'm afraid on my earnings, if I wanted to travel to save my relationship, Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the best I could do and I don't think that would have the same effect. [CNNThe 50 Best Marriage Tips Of All Time (From 50 Marriage Experts)

And if Gatlinburg and Paris aren't in your budget, how about cooking lessons? Chef Michael Fekker wants to save your marriage by teaching you how to cook. I wish he would just teach me how to earn enough money to hire a maid. [SFGate]

Remember all those depressing statistics about people hating marriage? Well, The Economist has a different spin on them. They say less marriages mean better marriages. [The EconomistDon't Believe The Naysayers: Why Marriage Will Always Be Relevant

And believing in traditional marriage doesn't mean you hate gays. A heartfelt letter to USA Today explains the balancing of ideas, love and politics. [USA Today]

What were your favorite stories this week?