Matt Damon Spills His Secrets To A Strong Marriage

Matt Damon Luciana

How the father of four keeps his marriage to Luciana Barroso together.

With so many Hollywood marriages falling apart lately, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, Olivia Wilde and her Italian prince, Jaime Pressly and her husband, among others makes us wonder what goes wrong.

Fear not, one Hollywood hottie dishes says he's got the secret to a strong marriage. Matt Damon opened up to People about the reasons why he isn't headed to divorce court anytime soon:

"We have a two-week rule, we don’t allow ourselves to be apart."

With his work busy schedule, he always finds time to balance time with wife Luciana and their four adorable daughters. He has never let filming get in the way of spending quality time with his favorite girls, and that stays true for his latest movie True Grit:

"I was never away from home for more than a week and [Joel and Ethan Coen] did that, so I was working like two days a week and I would fly back [home]."

He is a smart husband and knows how to keep a relationship stable and healthy in the mist of the limelight. Note to all celebrity couples out there, two weeks or longer your odds aren't looking great, so keep attentive to your time apart.

Keep doing what your doing since it seems to be working!!

How would you deal with the pressures of a Hollywood marriage? Let us know below.

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