Jessica Simpson: 9 And 1/2 Weeks Pregnant Or Watching The Movie?

Jessica Simpson

The soon-to-be Mrs. Johnson sends a mysterious Valentine's Day Tweet.

Coming on the heels of the report that her fiancé Eric Johnson is demanding that Jessica lose weight or else, everyone's favorite former pop-star-turned-reality-star-turned-fashion designer Tweeted her fans a Valentine's Day message, along with a cryptic countdown that read, "9 1/2 Weeks :)"

Although there's no way to know what exactly is going on in Jessica Simpson's mind (remember, this is the brain that once questioned if Chicken of the Sea could actually be chicken), it's quite possible that Jessica was counting down to something important in her life, such as her upcoming wedding. Or perhaps, the star, who has expressed her desire for kids on more than one occasion, is 9 and a half weeks pregnant and wants everyone to kind of know? Or there's also the possibility that she and Eric were simply watching the classic Mikey Rourke and Kim Basinger film. We guess we'll have to wait for another coded message from Jess to know for sure.

In other Simpson news, the singer recently took the opportunity to gush about (what else?) her engagement to New York Magazine:

"It was a complete shock. A beautiful shock. It felt great for somebody to be on his knee, and I had to sit on that knee because I was so excited and overwhelmed I couldn't even stand. Knowing that I had his knee to sit on in that moment was very magical. The way I always wanted it to be. I think I have a lot of stuff to write now. Not that I’m using him as a muse, but it makes me feel very open to share." Jessica Simpson Got Engaged While Watching 'Parenthood'

She also praised Eric for encouraging her to write every morning and get her thoughts on paper. (Maybe he just wants to train her not to blurt every single thought out?)

"I just let it flow. My fiancé taught me that. He'll get up in the morning and just write, so nothing blocks his emotional life. It doesn't even have to be in sentence form; he just gets everything out, and that way he can function without getting in the way of himself, without being aggressive or judgmental. We do that together. Sometimes he takes that hour just reading, we'll get out of bed and just read aloud to each other. He has so many books. Like, just books and books and books and books."

Hmm...We wonder if any of those books could be parenting ones?

Photo Credit: INF