David Beckham's Philandering Declared To Be In Public Interest

David Beckham out with wife Victoria Beckham.

Judge declares the soccer star's rumored escapade with a hooker to be in public interest.

Becks and Posh seemed to have a lovely Valentine's Day date night, but it wasn't such a great day in court for the hot soccer star. Turns out, a federal judge dismissed David Beckham's $25 million lawsuit against prostitue Irma Nici and In Touch Weekly for the story they printed about him cheating on his wife with her.

Don't remember the story among the myriad other tabloid scandals? A refresher: High-priced call girl Irma Nici claims to have slept with Beckham for a whopping $10,000 in London and New York a few years back. In Touch published the story last October, and Beckham slapped a suit on them faster than you could wonder, "Did he bend her like Beckham?"

In an exclusive story, Radar Online reports that the judge ruled that the lawsuit doesn't fly, because Beckham's a public figure. His life is a matter in the public interest, so Irma Nici can say what she wants and Beckham can't prove that In Touch "acted with malice" when it ran the story.

In Touch responded to the brouhaha by filing a countersuit. Then the magazine produced court papers with even more evidence that Beckham was getting it on with many other women while married to Posh. Geez. Fight fire with explosives much?

If you're enjoying this, don't worry—the game's not over. Beckham isn't taking this lying down (with his wife or any other women, for that matter). His attorney says the soccer star will appeal the ruling. I'm thinking Becks might be better off saving the money he's spending on legal fees and investing in some marriage counseling.

Photo Source: INF