Post-Divorce Christina Aguilera Is A Mess

Christina Aguilera at the Golden Globes.
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Forgetting the lyrics at the Super Bowl, falling onstage at the Grammys... What is going on?

Christina Aguilera may have reached a settlement for her divorce from Jordan Bratman, but things are far from peachy for the songstress. 

The girl took some major heat last week after the now-infamous National Anthem lyric-flubbing at the Super Bowl, and her singing career is not exactly looking up after her return to the stage at the Grammys. While she didn't forget the words to her part in the Aretha Franklin tribute, she did trip onstage during the performance... while just sort of standing there. It was extremely awkward and definitely begged the question: What on earth is going on with Christina? Did A Drunk Christina Aguilera Pass Out In Jeremy Renner’s Bed?

"It's a train wreck," an insider told PopEater's Rob Shuter backstage. "No one knows what's going on with her, but whatever it is, it isn't good."

Even though much of viewing public probably didn't notice the onstage-slip, it didn't get past the Grammy crowd at the Staples Center when it happened live.

"The audience at home could hardly see it because it was shot from afar, however, everyone in the stadium did and was shocked," the source said. "She was acting very erratic backstage before her performance and wouldn't let anyone into her dressing room before the show began. Something is very wrong."

No one knows what's up with Christina, but online speculation, like at Celebitchy, seems to think it's a drinking problem. Or perhaps this recent meltdown-like behavior has more to do with her divorce? We've definitely been questioning Christina's actions as of late. News broke last month that she was living at home with her new boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, her husband and their son. Christina Aguilera’s Roommates: Son, Husband & Boyfriend

Yeah. Not exactly the most functional environment to raise a child, but at least that arrangement was short-lived.

TMZ reported that as apart of the divorce settlement, Bratman has apparently moved out of their abode. They will share custody of their young son, Max, and although the former flames had a prenup, Bratman is set to get "a little somethin' extra" in this deal. Christina will be officially divorced on April 15.

You'd think the gal would feel better with the details of her split worked out, but that doesn't seem to the scenario. If anything, Christina is spiraling downward at an even more alarming pace. It's one serious mess.

Photo Source: INF