5 Great Dates To Beat The Winter Blahs

winter couple embracing

Stuck in a cold-weather rut? Help is on the way!

It's February, and unless you're lucky enough to live in a temperate climate, you're sick of trudging through ice, slush, sleet, rain, and snow. Winter seems never-ending, and while cuddling up on the couch with Netflix and your man seemed sweet in November, the novelty has worn off. What do you do now?

If you're looking for ways to beat the winter blahs, here are a few suggestions to keep things sizzling in this coldest of months:

1. Make A Play Date. Remember how much fun a snow day was when you were a kid? It was an endless expanse of possibility. As busy adults, we tend to resist planning activities for our down time, but doing silly creative work and playing games can actually be more invigorating than zoning out in front of the television. Grab some board games, a few coloring books, or a silly book of science experiments from the kid's aisle at a local drugstore. The next time the blahs strike, channel your inner child and invite your sweetie to play instead of wasting the day.

2. Snowball Fight! Instead of fighting the winter weather, bundle up and head outside to enjoy it with your partner. If there's no freshly-fallen snow to pelt your lover with, check out an ice-skating rink or take a walk in some snowy woods. Spending some time in crisp winter air and admiring the season can make the cold much more bearable. And, hey, rosy cheeks look good on everybody! Women Most Attractive In Winter

3. Tiki Party. If you're just not feeling the winter vibe at all, ignore it. Find a theme or tiki bar that serves fruity tropical drinks with elaborate garnishes and get your Jimmy Buffett on. Even a short 'summer holiday' can help you feel like you've beat winter. No good bars in your area? Buy a few coconuts and the ingredients for brightly colored drinks, and fill the bathtub with tropical flowers. (You can even dye the water blue with food-coloring if you're feeling creative.) Invite friends over for a beach-blanket bingo bash, or pretend it's a private beach for two.