Congressman Chris Lee Leaves Office After Craigslist Scandal

Christopher Lee Craigslist Photo

The Republican politician led a secret life online, and left office as a result.

American politicians never fail to disappoint in the scandal department, much like the celebrities we love so much. The latest story we've stumbled upon is just a doozy: U.S. Representative Christopher Lee (R-NY) decided that his life wouldn't be complete without starting an internet search for women on Craigslist that would ultimately leave a dark mark on his career.

According to Gawker, who had the exclusive on the matter, the married politician decided that he needed to spice things up by posing as a lobbyist and looking for a companion on Craigslist. He took to the popular site and ended up flirting with a single 34-year-old African-American female (whom The Loop 21 has interviewed as well) who had posted an ad searching for a man. He responded from an e-mail address that has since been confirmed as his, knocking seven years off his age and changing his status to "divorced". Then, he sent a shirtless photo of himself to the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous but has been identified as a government employee from Maryland.

While the conversations weren't all that provocative (Gawker has all of them posted), it was clear that there was some heavy flirting going on between the Congressman and the Mystery Woman. That all stopped when the woman used a powerful little tool called Google. She then sent the messages to Gawker and the online firestorm commenced.

The Congressman denied it at first, though three short hours later, he resigned from his position. This was after he first deleted his Facebook page AND claimed he was hacked. Now if that doesn't smell of guilt...

We'll have to admit that while it's not the most sensational thing we've heard of, it's certainly one of the silliest. As a politician, why resort to Craigslist of all places—and then send your real photo—only to be recognized? That's a huge no-no.

The abrupt resignation makes us wonder what kind of activity he was engaging in online before he got busted. Are we going to hear more about the now-former Congressman's scandals? This is a prime lesson to be very, very careful if you're going to creep around. Not that it's ever OK, but is THIS how you'd want to get caught? We wouldn't think so.

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