Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Splitsville

Jude Law and Sienna Miller
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Sad times for Jude Law and Sienna Miller as Round Two of this relationship comes to an end.

It's deja vu for this pretty pair—in a seemingly endless on-again/off-again saga, Jude Law and Sienna Miller have flipped the switch to "off" once more. People has confirmed that the two actors have parted ways yet again, though this time on good terms. Top 10 Celebrity On-Again, Off-Again Couples

"It is mutual and amicable, and they are still good friends," a source told the magazine.

Kudos to the pair for trying to make it work, but their history didn't bode so well for long-term success. The two started off hot and heavy after meeting on the set of Alfie, getting engaged soon after on Christmas Day 2004. But it didn't take long for things to get ugly: Law later fessed up to getting naughty with the nanny he shared with ex-wife Sadie Frost. And in an oh-so-classy move, he supposedly blamed Miller for driving him to stray:

"He said if she is not partying, she is sleeping and he completely blames her for what he has done. He told her, 'I told you I was unhappy. I told you I needed you to be there for me. Why didn't you listen to me?'" a source told the Daily Mail (via Hollywood.com).

Though he did issue a public apology for the dalliance, the couple broke it off in late 2006. In the years apart, each did their own thing (Law fathering a child with model Samantha Burke, and Miller dating Balthazar Getty, Matthew Rhys, and Rhys Ifans—at least she's somewhat consistent name-wise!). Yet coinciding stints on Broadway brought them back together in late 2009, and soon Law and Miller were spotted playing kissyface at the Costume Institute's 2010 Benefit Gala. They made a good go of it, reuniting for real and traipsing about sexy locations like Barbados and Luang Prabang. In December, the pair even reportedly bought a multi-million dollar home together in North London!

But alas, most good things come to an end, and it looks like the decision might stick this time.

"It was an entirely an end-of-the relationship decision," said People's source. "It had run its course."

So is this really the end for these star-crossed starlets, or could the third time be the charm? Time will tell!