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Similar Heart Beats Could Mean Long-Lasting Love

Would you rely on "heart-synching" to find your soul mate?

Ramesh Rao, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, seems to think you should. Rao is the leading researcher in heart-synching and finds it to be an accurate measure of how much two people are connecting on a physical and emotional level.

Apparently, our heart beats can sync as a result of our hearts' magnetic fields entangling. Entanglement can alter a heart beat and these alterations, under this pseudoscience, are indicative of how well our date is going. 4 Things Women Love To Hear You Say On The First Date

"If your date is stressed or uncomfortable, her heart rate will go up," Rao explained. "But if she is relaxed and into you, her heart rate will calm down and get flatter."

Heart-synching is measured with a monitor called the Polar RS800CX. It's a "sleek, silver gizmo that straps around your chest and wrist to measure heartbeats per minute and heart rate variability (HRV), the time between beats." Eventually, Rao would like to launch an online service where users can upload files from a pair of heart monitors and compare them with one another.

While it would be nice to know if the date is or isn't going as well as we think, we can't imagine it being anything but awkward being strapped up to a monitor while trying to make casual conversation. Not only that, but what fun would a date be without a little mystery?

Would you want to know if you and your date's heart beats were in sync?