Baby Bytes: Cameras Banned In Delivery Rooms

baby on laptop

How to document your pregnancy, and why you may want to skip Valentine's Day even if you have one.

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A mother's right or downright uncomfortable? Hospitals across the country ban cameras in delivery rooms. [Momlogic]

A pharmacy accidentally gives a pregnant woman an abortion drug. Is there anything they can do to make it right? [Jezebel]

Are open relationships appropriate with kids in the house? Read on for this author's take on how such a situation can teach kids to understand love in all forms. [Babble]

Are pregnancy portraits becoming passe? Here, three more original ways to document your pregnancy. [Shine]

So you think nine months is plenty of time to plan for your little one? Think again: here's a list of things you need to do before you get pregnant. [iVillage]

There are plenty of Anti-Valentine's suggestions going around for the single girls of the world. Lo and behold, here are 15 reasons why married women should skip Valentine's Day as well. [The Stir]