Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy Are Back Together...Again

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The prince reportedly smuggled his on-again girlfriend back to the palace in the trunk of a car!

It looks like Chelsy Davy is taking the long, Kate Middleton road to becoming a princess. The word in London is that Prince Harry, 26, and his longtime on-and-off, South African girlfriend are back together again after having broken up and reunited more times than we can count.

Like Prince Harry's older brother, William, and his now fiancee, Kate, Harry and Chelsy, 25, have had a long-lasting, but somewhat rocky romance. Although the playboy prince and the perma-tanned blonde started dating in 2004, it's hard to say exactly how long they've officially been a couple, as they seem to break up once almost every year. Prince Harry Is Single

Supposedly, their relationship "had run its course" by January 2009, but, evidently, they must have found another side-street, as they got back together later that fall. Then, in November 2010, it seemed like Chelsy's princess dreams were all but finished as the couple broke up yet again.

And, now, less than 3 months after their last breakup, Prince Harry was seen taking Chelsy out to romantic, Italian dinner together and then, according to The Sun, had her climb into the trunk of a car in order to smuggle her back to the palace. (To be fair, Harry also climbed into the trunk, or as the British call it, "the boot," but doesn't it seem more like something a paranoid mafia done would do than a prince?)

The British newspaper also reports that Chelsy will be Prince Harry's date to Prince William and Kate's wedding in April, so, we're thinking that this isn't just a post-breakup fling. Who knows? Perhaps, in a few years, Chelsy might become the Fergie to Kate Middleton's Diana after all.

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