The Beauty Of Romance


Give the woman the opportunity and she will live in romance all her life.

Women are romantic beings, doesn’t matter how you turn it. Of course in one or another extent. There are no women that wouldn’t like being romanced, at least I haven’t met any of them, there are women on a scale beginning with lesser to indefinite romantic trend.

Who wouldn’t like being grabbed gently under rain, pulled closer and kissed passionately, or little love letters, or candle lit diner, or enjoying the sunset together and so on…

Romance is beautiful, it’s amazing, it lets imagination lose itself into the fantastic world of passion and love. How many marvelous things can one in-love do. Minor gifts such as flowers, candies, cards, letters, sms or bigger ones such as: tickets to exotic destination, restaurants, shopping together and so on.

Light kisses for no reason, cute compliments, there is no end to this world of romance.

When romance is the only guide in your life, everything seems “pink” and cosy.

But how can one be treated to romance every day?

It is impossible for many reasons: 1. Romance is good up to a point, i is the same as having too much of something and at one point you’ll feel like that something is not satisfying you the same as it did at the beginning. 2. The other half needs a break from times to times, he/she is not an idea maker machine for romancing. 3. Boredom, why see “pink” everywhere when there are other amazing colors?

Everything is close to perfect when romance is mixed with the daily routine, in this case it would act like a spice and would give your day a newer meaning.