Maybe You Should Try This Anti-Dating Site

surprised couple

Would you use a dating site that's partially a parody?

The site is built as an offshoot of the love stinks-themed blog LoveInTheDumps.com. The dating portion of the site is a little rough, but essentially gives a "maladjusted male" or "flawed female" the chance to find many things (including high fives) with another "maladjusted male" or "flawed female." That's right. This site aims to help you continue bringing your brand of dysfunction into someone else's life. Online Dating Red Flags

Beyond being able to find someone who is never, ever going to make your life better, the site offers many other ways to embarrass and debase one's self, including: "kwizzes" with answers that'll make you miss Garbage Pail Kids; colossal date fails that can best be described as schadenfreude fodder; and first-person essays that could warrant their own reality shows.

The site's founder, Matt Brand, says the following of his product: "While being a fully functional dating site, Impersonals is a parody of the genre: instead of describing their positive attributes, members are encouraged to write about their shortcomings; instead of a wink, users can send an 'ass pinch' to let someone know they're interested." The site seeks to match people up who have a sense of humor and don't take themselves too seriously."

In general, the graphic treatment is pretty no-frills, which fits with the site's ethos. And they're still building their content library. Which brings us to Impersonals.net's main thrust: dating. They have a system that rewards active users with "Ducats." These Ducats give you the ability to interact with other users, and are meant to keep out trolls, etc.

For the most part, the site covers the basics (and it's free), but it'll need a few months to grow a strong base of users to be of real utility. The problem that the site will likely suffer from is that, despite claiming to have a sense of humor, most people don't really "get" satire, and most people have a huge problem not taking themselves seriously. Is it possible for a niche dating site to be too niche? Online Dating Goes Uber-Niche

If you're into online dating, live in a big city and things haven't worked out yet, you should give it a looksie. It's free and you may bump into the goofball of your life.

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