Steven Soderbergh's Two-Night Stand Results In Paternity Suit

Steven Soderbergh

The famous director's involved in a paternity suit. The mom? A hook-up. Let the drama commence!

Add Steven Soderbergh to the list of famous, wealthy, seemingly-intelligent men who seem to have forgotten that unprotected sex with a woman—regardless if you are really into her or not—may result in a baby. Jude Law Finally Meets/Deals With His Daughter

Last week, an Australian woman named Francis Lawrencina Anderson slapped a paternity lawsuit on the hotshot director. Reportedly, the two had a sexual relationship while the director was separated from his wife, former E! news personality Jules Asner.

According to a source "super-close to Steven and his wife Jules," E! Online has heard that the unintended procreation was merely a "two-night stand, Steve and Jules are fine."

"He was down in Australia, directing a play," the source explained. "They were separated at the time, and, of course, this woman got pregnant, as luck would have it."

Alrighty then. But, it doesn't seem that Steven is running away from his mistake. Supposedly, he's verbally acknowledged the child is his (hard to deny when a paternity test proves it) and the insider E! spoke to says that while he may want to make sure the kid is provided for, it doesn't mean Steven wants to be involved, really.

"Take care, yes," said the Soderbergh insider to E!, "but get to know? No. He just wants to pay for the child's support, as he should."

As for Jules… Well, most ladies would be pissed to deal with such scandal. But as we're reading, it doesn't seem that the new-daddy issue has screwed up the road to reconciliation he's got going on with his wife.

Well, at least Steven is manning up to his mistake and trying to fix his own mess. Although, we must admit, we never would have have guessed Steven to be involved in such a scandal. (It's those Buddy Holly-style glasses, we tell you. So unassuming.)

And, we're also confused as to why no preventative "Not-Looking-To-Have-A-Child" measures hadn't been taken, thus avoiding any lawsuits or paternity drama (especially useful if the person is "temporary" or a fling.) In 2011, these things are preventable…

We're just saying.

Photo Credit: INF