Is Jessica Szohr Dating Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers?

Jessica Szohr on the red carpet.

The 'Gossip Girl' star and the Green Bay Packers' quarterback are rumored to be an item.

Aaron Rodgers is one lucky man these days. The Green Bay Packers' quarterback just won Super Bowl XLV. He was named the game's Most Valuable Player. And he might also be dating a Gossip Girl, the lovely Jessica Szohr. Lucky, or skilled. You be the judge.

According to PopEater, Szohr was in Dallas for the big game and the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl. When asked, she stated that she was most definitely cheering for her alleged flame's team--but for a different reason than you would think.

"I'm rooting for the Packers because I'm from Green Bay!" she said.

Yeah, likely story... Just kidding. But still, there is plenty of basis for the rumored romance. According to E! News, the actress and football stud have been spotted on several dinner dates in the Philly area, and also sat together court-side at a basketball game in Milwaukee.

Apparently though, Rodgers parents are denying any hook-up. According to USA Today, his mom and dad insisted that their son "wasn't dating anyone special." Well, who knows for sure if the two met up in Dallas?

Szohr was previously involved with her Gossip co-star Ed Westwick, but the pair split almost 10 months ago. For a while there were rumors that the couple was rekindling their love, but Westwick recently told Tatler Magazine that the break-up had left him "kind of on a warpath." He also claimed that he was ready to move on from the show and try out other roles. To us, it sounds like Ed is pretty much over seeing his ex-girlfriend every day. The Rodgers-Szohr pairing seems much more likely. Ed Westwick Dumps Jessica Szohr

Rodgers is supposed to sit down with David Letterman tonight. We're sure they'll chat about Sunday night's big win, but maybe Letterman will work in a relationship question or two. We would certainly appreciate it.

Photo Source: INF