Cameron Diaz Awkwardly Feeds Popcorn To A-Rod At The Super Bowl

Cameron feeds A-Rod at the Super Bowl

The couple gets caught in an embarrassing moment by the television cameras

Like every year's Super Bowl, this year's attendees included a few high-profile A-listers. During the game last night, just after a commercial break, the camera panned across a celebrity-filled sky box, where sat Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones; Ashton Kutcher sans Demi (there was a vacant seat next to him, so perhaps she was in the bathroom?) Condoleezza Rice was there too, sitting near former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura.

The camera then cut to a close-up of Cameron Diaz, 38, and beau Alex Rodriguez, 35. The camera happened to catch the duo at the precise moment when Diaz was stuffing A-Rod's face with a fistful of popcorn. We're unsure whether or not Dallas Stadium's gigantic hi-def television screen broadcast the feeding session to the spectators within the dome, (Cameron briefly looked up toward where the screen would be after she slipped the kernels inside her boy's gaping mouth and gave a sort of 'eh, so what, who cares' shrug, and Popeater seems to think they caught themselves on the screen) but one thing's for certain—all the many millions of viewers watching the game at home no doubt saw the incident. So much for keeping a low relationship profile. Cameron Diaz & A-Rod Keep Their Romance Low-Key

It's obvious that A-Rod is a lover of sports, and perhaps attending the championship NFL game was his way of getting his competitive juices flowing before the upcoming baseball season. We now know that he's also a lover of popcorn, and maybe he asked his girlfriend to feed him so his throwing arm would be nice and rested before spring training next month. Cameron was holding a generous handful of popcorn when the cameras turned on them, which she then pushed into A-Rod's mouth with the inside of her palm. The Yankee third base man tilted his head toward her and used his lips to grab at the kernels like a fish. The whole thing looked a little awkward and left something to be desired in the cute and affectionate department. We're just glad they were eating popcorn and not fondue.

The couple started dating in July 2010, during the middle of baseball season. Unlike 2009's season, Cameron wasn't given as much press as A-Rod's former girlfriend, Kate Hudson, who was considered a good-luck charm when the Yankess won the World Series that year. A-Rod and Cam have called it quits a few times, but, as the Super Bowl displayed, are very much a couple now. For Cameron's sake, so as not to be labeled as a superstition or a bad-luck charm, we hope A-Rod racks up some decent stats this year. At least at the Yankees games Cameron will have the popcorn all to herself. Cameron Diaz Sexercises With A-Rod

Photo credit: INF