Did Gabriel Aubry Refuse To Call His Daughter "Black?"

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

Would Gabriel Aubry really have a child with Halle Berry if he was borderline racist?

Initially, onlookers were thinking that Halle Berry was perhaps the, "ex from hell" when nitty, gritty details came out about the feud between Halle and her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry surfaced, but NOW we may sing a different tune. Perhaps Halle's outbursts are coming from a place of some serious past-issues that have been dug up in the face of a custody battle. Halle Berry: The Ex From Hell?

Sources who were once close to the couple recently told TMZ.com that it wasn't just Halle who acted out of line, in fact they revealed that whenever Gabriel read a story about his daughter, Nahla he would get upset over press calling her "black." Allegedly Gabriel would fly off the handle and insist that they call the baby "white" and demand a retraction. Ooooo dear, this doesn't sound good, does it? To add insult to injury a former flame of Gabriel's recently said, "he's always been borderline racist." Halle Berry Fights Baby Daddy For Daughter

Sources continued saying he even called Halle the "N-word" and other derogatory terms....looks like Halle's threatening phone calls are coming from a place of real anger, eh? While this would certainly be unfortunate for baby Nahla and Halle both, we'll wait for some actual evidence before we start believing what a potentially wounded ex-lover says about Gabriel, after all why would he date Halle and have a child with her if he felt such things? We'd like you to weigh in on the issue, thoughts?

Photo Credit: INF