Best Of The Web: Emotional Vampires & Hitting On Dudes

Emotional Vampire

Plus why dudes don't initiate divorces and how not to hit on a man at a bar.

Big game this weekend, the Orlando Magic take on the Boston Celtics Sunday afternoon. Should be a good one. Until then, enjoy the best the web has to offer about love and relationships.

Over at the Good Men Project, they discuss why men don't initiate more divorces. Could be something to do with earning more money…

And if you don't want to get divorced, you may have to reignite the flame, lassy, Glo has a nice slide show that could be the kindling you need to crank that fire back to inferno.

Big news at Jezebel, OMG Miley has a new tattoo!

And Dr. Judith Orloff, writing for the Huffington Post, has a remedy for emotional vampirism… a stake to the heart of any empathy leech. has a gal's take on how not to approach a dude at a bar. Feel free to say, "You must work at UPS the way you carry that package."

And over at BadOnlineDates, a young woman has a revelation that her relationship is actually a booty call. I guess it's better than a soap opera revealing that the entire thing was in a developmentally disabled child's imagination. Barely.

Em & Lo ( as their man panel if dudes like to eye-contact during sex. I sometimes pretend it's a staring contest. I usually win.

The ingénues over at College Candy have a pickle on their hands, a reader asks if it's possible to date with your v-card (virginity card) intact and you're not all religious about it. You probably won't be able to land a guy who uses "party" as a verb but other dudes may be cool with it.

FINALLY, Café Mom is blaming Sex And The City for all the ills of contemporary life. Mostly just dating but it's all a metaphor anyways.

Did SATC make all y'all broads into horny horn dogs? Per Nerve a new study shows that young dudes are more into getting married and settling down (settle down now) than women of similar age. What a bunch of Charlottes! Am I right or am I right?

And thank heavens that all the young dude want to put a ring on it because My Daily says that an ultimatum for an engagement will not work. I concur.

But what if your dude still has a dating profile even after you've had the "what are we" conversation? My bud Simone Grant takes this one head on from a very personal place. Good read.

To wet your beak for Valentine's Day: Single Edition has the ten goofiest Valentimes promotions… who the hell buys someone a car for Valentine's Day? It's ridiculous.

The Frisky wants you to have a dynamite V-Day and they explain mostly how not to make is suck.

And please take our survey about what YOU find attractive.