Will A Romance Novel Publisher Successfully Patent The Kiss?

Couple kiss in the rain.

Harlequin has submitted a patent application for the "essential romantic kiss."

Harlequin, one of the largest romance novel publishers, thinks they've got a shot at locking down a patent for the "essential romantic kiss." We figured this timeless tradition was far past patentable, but they're certainly making a case for it.

The Canadian company is looking to patent a specific brand of lip-locking. According to a press release, it's a way for "two people (to) reciprocate their romantic feelings toward one another in a manner that deepens attachment, provides pleasure and promotes physical and emotional well-being—the essential romantic kiss." How To Kiss Well

Does the company actually have any basis for a patent? Michelle Renaud, head of the aptly-named Preservation of the Kiss office for Harlequin, seems to think so. Her department is a “division of Harlequin that exists to celebrate all things related to kissing.”

"Kisses are in every one of our romance novels," she said. Well, we would hope. Is that the end of the story, though? Not totally. They're rallying for support with a few different resources.

Accompanying their patenting efforts, Harlequin has launched a site centered solely around the kiss. Visitors can even create their own lip-lock with the kiss-creation tool to discover their ideal kiss and their kissing styles.

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