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The economics of a good marriage, overreacting and other links we love.

Every week we can manage, Traditional Love brings you a round up of hot topics on love, your marriage and (this week at least) money. This week, we are talking about money, fighting and excess in your relationship. What were you talking about this week? Let us know.

For every fisical problem we face as a couple, my husband has a spreadsheet to cover us. We have spreadsheets for cell phones, Halloween candy and when we found out we were going to have a child, he made spreadsheets that planned out alternate fiscal scenarios: me becoming a stay-at-home-mom (not happening), twins, him losing his job. So, when I heard about the book Spousonomics, it made perfect sense to me. The one, surefire way that I can show my husband I love him is by not going over on the grocery budget. But the book covers more than just the money in a relationship, it talks about sex in terms of supply and demand, which sounds super sexy. [The Daily Mail] Marriage: It's All About The Money

Besides economics, another way couples are trying to make their marriage work is by taking time off from their jobs to focus on their marriages. Would you? [WSJ]

While, I admit, the idea of taking time off for your marriage, isn't immediately appealing, time and effort do help make marriages more successful. But you know what doesn't help a marriage? Getting obsessed with fitness and leaving your wife to run marathons. That's right, now, not only do you have to worry about getting too fat, now you have to worry about getting too fit. Oh America, a land of excess. [WSJ]

One of my favorite marriage bloggers, Sarah Markley, knocks it out of the park with this post on how people make other people's pain about them and yes, we do that in relationships, all too much. [Sarah Markley]

Another one of my favorite bloggers (besides the ones who write for Traditional Love, that is), writes about overreacting and how that affects her relationship. And while, I will neither confirm nor deny that I have actually sobbed, SOBBED over a lack of curtains in my house, I will say, this post has some great advice on keeping perspective. [Marriage Confessions] The Marriage Secret No One Ever Tells You

While there is a time not to overreact, there is a time to freak out, such as when your husband starts contacting another woman. A. LOT. [The Frisky]

And guess what, despite what you've been told, men really do want to get married just as much as women. How do we know? Science. [Time]

What were your favorite love and relationships stories this week?