Only 1 Out Of 11 People Has Written A Love Letter

love letter

A new survey reveals that only one in 11 people has ever handwritten a love letter.

Everyone likes romance, and writing a love letter is one of the most romantic ways of showing affection. Suffice to say, we were a little disheartened to read in the Telegraph this week that only one in 11 people surveyed have penned a handwritten love note. The Death of Romantic Love

Love letters have gone out of vogue for several reasons, the first being that the abundance of communication channels nowadays has diminished the appeal of poring over a piece of stationary for half an hour. As unromantic as it sounds, it's easier to send a midday "thinking of you" text message than it is to compose an articulate, handwritten summary of your feelings. Not to mention that people's handwriting has suffered in the wake of PCs. 10 Greatest Love Stories Of All Time

Telegraph writer Max Davidson points out that writing love letters carries the stigma of excessive sentimentality. A hundred years ago, a love letter elicited awws. Now, it can make you look like a creep, or desperate, or saccharine. Putting your sentiments on paper has become a more vulnerable action than ever before. There are countless articles telling women to play hard-to-get, and nothing contradicts hard-to-get like writing a gushy note. Then there's the whole "Mystery Method" phenomenon, which instructs men to gently insult women as a way of seducing them—and love letters don't tend to insult. 50 Ways to Be Romantic Right Now

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