Don't Make Out At This Hindu Temple

kissing statues
Buzz, Love

PDA will not be tolerated at the Pashupati temple.

Have you ever been to temple, Mass or some manner of impromptu puja and just couldn't keep your hands off your man or lady friend? If you're Catholic, it's OK because of the psycho-sexual guilt all that repressin' has ladled on yah. But the rest of us should know when to hold each other and when to scold each other.

There's just something about the multi-armed goddesses, the elephant-trunked fertility gods and the idea of avatars that really gets some people's motors running, and Nepalese pandits have had enough of it. Per Google News (via AFP), a temple on the edge of Kathmandu is telling couples "Kath, Man, Don't" when it comes to PDA on the temple's grounds. 10 Surprising Facts About Kissing

It turns out that "amorous behaviour" at the Pashupati temple will not be tolerated and young courting couples will be fined ($7, in your face, young libertines) when they get too lovey-dovey. The pandits aren't just taking out their aggression on young lovers, smoking and photography will also not be tolerated. Guess where I'm not going for New Year's Eve next year.

We can all agree that too much public lovin' is a nuisance (we're talking face-sucking, butt-touching, digital-manipulation and having to hear someone say "I love you" when you know for a fact it's not reciprocated), but a little friendly hand-holding and brushing-hair-out-of-eyes really isn't hurting anyone, least of all various aspects of Sri Vishnu. 7 Commandments For Showing Love In Public

Have you ever seen any shenanigans going on at a holy place that really put you off? Have you ever conducted any activity in or around a holy place that clergyman may have frowned upon?