Jack Nicholson Hoping For "One Last Real Romance"

Jack Nicholson at the U.S. Open.
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The actor opens up about women, true love, his split from Anjelica Houston and life now.

Successful actor. Notorious womanizer. Still "wild at heart," but a secret softie. That's Jack Nicholson.

He recently sat down with the Daily Mail for a rather deep interview on his love life, on the past and how he sees himself today. The 73-year-old surprised us with his insights on days gone by and what's ahead. Oh, yeah. And he would totally be up for one final great love with his partying days behind him. Here's what he had to say:

"My life has changed. I don’t enjoy the things I used to so much. I don’t go out to nightclubs, I don’t like clubs any more. I don’t go out raging, looking out for women; now it’s just a game that isn’t worth the candle. People won’t believe that, but it’s true," he said. "I’m definitely still wild at heart. But I’ve struck bio-gravity. I can’t hit on women in public any more. I didn’t decide this; it just doesn’t feel right at my age." Jack Nicholson Loves The Ladies

Jack may no longer be into the new-woman-every-night sort of existence, but that doesn't mean he's given up on women altogether. No way.

"I would never complain about my life, even though I really would like to have a mate," Jack said, adding: "I’ve had everything a man could ask for, but I don’t know if anyone could say I’m successful with affairs of the heart. I don’t know why. I would love that one last real romance. But I’m not very realistic about it happening. What I can’t deny is my yearning. I’ve been in love in my life, but it always starts with obsession that lasts exactly 18 months and then it changes. If I’d known and been prepared for that, I may have been able to orchestrate the whole relationship thing better."

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