Lady Gaga's Fragrance Will Smell Like Blood And Semen

lady gaga

Would you wear Gaga's eau de semen and blood?

Oh, that Lady Gaga. As if her outfits and persona weren't outlandish enough, insiders report that the pop star wants her upcoming fragrance to smell like blood and semen.

While it wouldn't be very Gaga-like for her to release something with the usual floral and fruity notes, we can only wonder if anyone would actually use the product. It'd make for a funky collector's item sure, as we can only imagine what she'll do with the bottle design, but would any man in his right mind actually give the scent to his girlfriend, hoping that she'll wear it? For that matter, would a guy recognize the scent of spunk if he whiffed it on your neck? 4 Sexy Date Night Perfumes

Since her early days on the mainstream music scene, Gaga's been criticized for promoting herself as an original talent despite borrowing aspects of Madonna and other lesser-known musical weirdos. Same goes for her perfume. Although eau de sperm and blood might sound like a novelty, perfumes based on body fluids have actually been around for awhile. The Best New Scents To Turn Him On

Sécrétions Magnifiques, by perfumer Antoine Lie, comes with four distinct notes: bood, sweat, sperm and saliva. Squirm all you want, but the company's website touts their scents as the arorma of sensuality. According to the description, their product "is as real as an olfactory coitus that sends one into rapture, to the pinnacle of sensual pleasure, that extraordinary and unique moment when desire triumphs over reason."

Each bodily fluid scent has a specific, sexual purpose. The scent of sweat recalls "masculine tenseness," which inspires an adrenaline rush. The salty, marine-like note will make your tongue wag and mouth water. "Confusion reigns supreme," the description says. "A subversive, disturbing perfume."

Subversive is right. We're sure that most guys would feel a little disturbed upon recognizing the scent of saliva behind his woman's ear, while we'd be a little confused if our significant others gifted us with such a scent on a special occasion.

At the same time, you can't really knock something until you try it, so if the rumors about Gaga's perfume are true, catch a whiff of blood and perfume in the spring, when her fragrance comes out.

Would you wear perfume that smells like body fluids? Guys, would you be turned off if you smelled those scents on a woman?