Celebrity Romance Abounds At The Sundance Film Festival

Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku

Or shall we call it the 'Sundance Fling Festival'?

Seems that the stars have found one way to keep warm in the snowy mountain town. Spectators were abuzz with talk of developing relationships, "are they or aren't they?," and long-time couples who know how to keep things spicy.

Here's a roundup of Sundance Film Festival's shameless celebrity flirt fests, courtesy of YourTango's on-the-ground Intern Erin Ivie.

Elizabeth Olsen and Chace Crawford

The lesser-known Olsen sister was the "it" girl of the festival, though she ended up being buzzed about for more than her acting chops. Elizabeth was overheard by this CelebLover gushing about her Peace, Love, and Understanding co-star Chace Crawford in the Playstation green room, not once but twice that evening. Is this a forecast for a new young-Hollywood romance? We're rooting for these two to fill the void left by Zac and Vanessa. Celebrity Romance Thrives At Coachella Festival

Chelsea Handler and Andre Balazs

As we reported earlier this week, it seems things are a go with this festival fling. The two left for L.A. together after being spotted at the festival cozying up in restaurants, dancing after hours, and doing nothing to dispel questions about their new relationship. Seems like he is "just her type", and that they have taken their relationship back home.

Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox

This couple has been going strong for some time now, but these two impressed us with their ability to keep things hot.  Dushku was seen sitting on Fox's lap during James Franco's bash at Chefdance, whispering affectionately in his ear before taking things to the dance floor at Tao. Every interaction was sexy and intimate, making it clear that things just keep heating up between these two.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Speaking of keeping things hot, Ashton Kutcher made us swoon with his spontaneous surprise for wife Demi Moore this weekend. According to sources at People, the actress arrived at the Belvedere bash flanked by co-stars Kate Bosworth and Ellen Barkin expecting a girls' night out when she was surprised by Kutcher, not scheduled to arrive until the next day. The two danced the night away, showing onlookers that marriage has done nothing to slow them down. Top 7 Rekindled Celebrity Romances

Susan Sarandon and Lil Jon

Okay, so this isn't an actual couple sighting, but it is an unlikely matchup...at ping-pong. The two were spotted squaring off at a pong match at the Bing bar (the victor was unclear). Though this odd couple did not move from the table to the clubs, the NY Daily News reported that Sarandon was seen gettin' busy at Tao with her "business partner" Jonathan Bricklin, "grinding like middle-schoolers" on the dance floor. 

Photo Credit: INF