Links We Love: Lingerie And Your Lover

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Plus, don't marry an Italian man unless you want to marry his mom.

As we wind down the first month of 2011, it appears that the biggest news in marriage is the celeb marriage tango. This week, Jesse James announced his enagement to everyone's favorite tattooed lady, Kat Von D, and Troy Aikman announced the end of his 10 year marriage. But don't worry, it's not all celebs. This week's round up has lingerie, the history of marriage and yes, more celebs. Jesse James And Kat Von D Engaged

While we are on the subject of famous people, Kate Hudson, called marriage unnecessary. What do you think? Is marriage a moot point? Or is that easy for her to say, what with her financial stability and ability to hire someone to do her taxes? [Access Hollywood]

And while Kate is swearing marriage off, J.Lo is admitting that her kids save her marriage. Is she putting her kids in the wrong role as marriage fixers? Or is that just a natural perk of having kids? I don't know the answers, but I do know that she is pretty boring on American Idol. [Hollyscoop]

Moving from famous to the not-so famous, the Daily Mail reports on an Italian bride who divorced her husband because he brought his mom on their honeymoon. Definitely a dealbreaker. But shouldn't that have been a conversation they had before they said "I do"? The lesson: When you marry an Italian man, you marry his mother. [The Daily Mail]

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