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Plus hitting on the bartender and tricking someone into breaking up with you.

Football fans, this is our weekend. Football widows, after this weekend you'll have back any true fan of the game. It's time for the Pro Bowl! There's some anti-climactic thing next weekend but this is the game with all the all-stars. But before that, enjoy the best the web had to offer about love AND relationships.

Our 31-Day Love Life Makeover is approaching halfway and it just keeps getting better. If you haven't read any of the articles or seen any of the videos, here are two fantastic jumping off points for each, respectively: You Can't Have A Happy Relationship Without Forgiveness AND What Do You Really Want From Love

Our buds at Bad Online Dates have a great advice piece about hitting on the bartender. Hmm. I wonder if asking if he wants a sandwich is too forward?

Em And Lo (, just in time for Black Swan's run at the Oscars, has a list of the top 20 most disturbing sex-themed films. Sorely missing is the one where we saw Kathy Bates nudey in the hot tub. Scrub my eyeballs. Nice shout-out to a great podcast too.

Chances are if your dude likes those flicks for the non-artistic reasons, he may have other bad habits you may want to investigate. Glo takes on what his bad habits say about him.

You'd guess that "not listening" would be a top bad habit. Robert Leahy (for Huffington Post) takes on why men don't listen. Maybe it's a little over-simplified but you should read it at least for the great conversations in the comments section.

The dudes at Guyism have a funny and reasonable piece on how to get a girl to break up with you. Banging her mom didn't make the list probably because it's so obvious.

And sometimes a guy just breaks up with you. The Frisky have 11 things you shouldn't say to a gal who has just been dumped. #12: Now you'll have the free time to lose a little weight.

Once in a while you get dumped before you even get a chance and Nerve has six tips for surviving rejection. Please don't shave your head or get a tattoo involving the Chinese character for pain.

Be thankful that your partner, lover or spouse is gentle because a little rough kissing could paralyze you. My Daily has news of a woman who had a mini-stroke from some aggressive necking. Matthew McConaughey's dad died during sex, so it could be worse. Right?

The dudes at Very Smart Brothas dissects a big issue: is it possible to trick a man into loving you by having sex with him? Are you really good in bed and can you laugh at his jokes and cook a decent dinner while ya'll are banging?

Over at, Jessica Downey wonder if there really are signs that he thinks you're the one. Hmm, has he tattooed "[Insert Your Name] is the one" on his arm? If so, I'd say you should consider breaking up.

And my buddy Simone Grant ruminates on Rumi regarding breaking down our internal walls before being able to accept love rather than find it.

In general, don't get a tattoo that either celebrates or laments love.

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